Mission Statement


“This  organization shall be known as “Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men” and  shall be governed and administered according to these bylaws. Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men are a gathering of free, independent individuals in which education, integrity and freedom are of the utmost importance. We endeavor to learn, through study and experimentation, the history and skills of the individuals that occupied North America prior  to 1840, emulate their way of life through the many different personas  that existed in these time periods and share that knowledge with all interested parties. All members are expected to join together in working  with, assisting, mentoring, sharing and promoting the success of other  members. Our main goal is the preservation of knowledge and skills for  the education and enjoyment of others, so as not to be lost or replaced  and forgotten by newer technologies. Our secondary goal is for the  preservation and beautification of the historical Fort Buenaventura  located in Weber County. We hope in some small way to honor the many people that occupied these lands before us and remember their customs, hard work and sacrifice that has been the foundation of our nation and way of life.”

(From the bylaws dated August 14, 2016 of the Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men)