TWO CLASSES-Adult and Youth (under 16 yrs. old)
Please inspect your equipment before shoot and know how to use it. Ask  for help and advice if you need to. Many knowledgeable people are glad  to help any way possible.

Period correct clothing and accoutrements required for competition.
Finger tabs, gloves and arm guards need to be natural materials with no plastic.

Course must be shot in groups of 3 or more to aid in scoring and arrow retrieval.

All shots must be from behind the description stake at each target

Help shooter by watching where arrows go to save time and reduce lost arrows.

Bows must be made of natural materials with no unnatural backings or laminations (fiberglass, bamboo etc.).

LANCES ARE PROVIDED- Be safe and careful, they are sharp weapons!


Arrows must be of natural materials with no plastic nocks or fletching. (Wood dowels are OK but must have self nocks)

Arrow points may be field type, round shouldered flat metal (no sharp  edge), bone or wood. (No broad head types or barbed tips) We don’t want  to ruin the targets.
Bow strings may be natural or unnatural materials for safety’s sake.

Every target is a 2 shot target so bring enough arrows; retrieval of  arrows ends that target for the shooter. Have some extras. LANCE IS ONE  THROW FOR EACH TARGET.

Please be safe, don’t stand to the arrow side of a shooter. (Arrows DO break!)
Everyone must watch for any unsafe situation or shooters down range and call cease fire in event of any unsafe situation.

Decisions of range master are final and fair. Have fun and good luck!