(Competition Medal Required)

Range master has total authority on the range from safety to scoring.
Only the range master can open the range for firing. Anyone can call for cease fire in the event of an unsafe situation.

Period correct clothing and accoutrements required to compete.

No inlines, plastic stocks, scopes, peep sights or painted sights (You will be disqualified)

10 minute firing time limit for each target! If you have a problem you  will have to miss that target. Schedules and times are tight. Others  shouldn’t have to wait.

All targets must be shot standing offhand, no rests allowed, to count.

Single patched round ball only, no sabots, miniballs or maxieballs, they don’t exist yet.

No cartridge guns of any kind are allowed, even just to shoot it, not the proper range.

No priming or capping guns except on the firing line, gun must be unprimed or uncapped before leaving the firing line.

Unprime all flintlocks before knapping or changing flint.

Keep all muzzles elevated and / or downrange at all times.

No blowing down the barrels. (I understand, but kids or flatlanders may  not and it’s probably not a good idea to stick a gun in your mouth.)  Offset blow tubes allowed.

Keep all powder horns plugged and powder cans capped when not in use. One spark in a can or horn will be disastrous.  

No smoking on the line or in the loading area. This should be obvious. GUNPOWDER!

It’s your responsibility to be aware of flintlocks on the line, flint shooters be kind.
Personal safety is each individual’s responsibility.

Please pick up your trash including cleaning patches and wrappers. If  you don’t want to pick it up, what makes you think anyone else does?