Hello the Lodge !
I am called Spiritwoman.   I was born in 1780 in the Valley of
the Black Tooth Beaver.  It is a beautiful high mountain valley in the
Western part of the land, but I tell no one the exact location, for I
want it to remain as it was in my childhood.   I grew up in a tipi and
learned many things from those of my tribe and others that would visit
my village.  My People are all considered family. A families job is to
teach, share and care for each other.   My heart tells me to teach and
learn as much as I can about the old ways so they will not be lost.
Wilderness living, beadwork, leatherwork, & sign language, are just a
few skills I like to pass on. Many tribes have given  & will give me
more knowledge;  Women of the Morning Star, Fort Bueneventura Mountain
Men (FBMM), COHT, Good Heart Society, WFT, Lewis & Clark Volunteers,
Shadow of Timp, Anasazi Free Trappers, T.N.T., OME, Bear River
Mountain Men, & UTAHA , RMNR & FMT.
Le Anpetu Ke Wo Waste Yuha   (There is goodness in this
day!)           ….. AHO

FBMM official site. We are a 501-c3 nonprofit organization promoting pre-1840s Mountain Man era activities, skills training, blackpowder, primitive archery, and Easter Rendezvous information. See you at Buck skinner Day and Easter Rendezvous!