Phil Pogge

( Most folks just call me Pogge)

Hello the camp, welcome to FBMM. My main goal is for you to enjoy yourself, by learning, laughing and teaching the skills you have. I believe this kind of organization  is filling a niche that has been all but forgotten. The skills and talents many of us have, was through hard work and dedication. In a group like this we can learn from each other. For instance you shouldn’t have to ruin 6 deer hides before you figure out how to brain tan. I did just that. So let’s share our skills and become better buckskinners. For the newcomer, first let me thank you for your interest in a fascinating hobby. You will have the opportunity to learn new skills each month. If you are local, you can come down to buckskinner day at the fort and learn in person. In addition, we will offer you a mentor to help you get started.  In case, you missed the meetings, check our website to see skills posted. Along with the skills section, we will be discussing the history surrounding the fur trade era. This gives us depth to the skills we are learning. Most of these skills have faded in to history with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. So come out and enjoy living some history!

FBMM official site. We are a 501-c3 nonprofit organization promoting pre-1840s Mountain Man era activities, skills training, blackpowder, primitive archery, and Easter Rendezvous information. See you at Buck skinner Day and Easter Rendezvous!