Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men are a gathering of free, independent individuals in which education, integrity and freedom are of the utmost importance. In the pursuit of maintaining order and efficiency, officers are chosen to serve the organization on a rotating basis. We, the officers of FBMM consider the opportunity to serve our fellow buck skinners in this capacity a privileged duty. All officers are uncompensated financially, however we all cherish the trust that has been placed in each of us to use whatever talents we may have to aid in the realization of our mutual goals and expanding vision. None of us are elevated in this capacity and hope that all the membership understands how humbled we each feel to serve. As we strive to do our best, our hope is that our short comings will be forgiven and all of the membership will assist us in maintaining our organization’s high standards and maintaining our mutual success and enjoyment as historical re-enactors.

As always, your most humble and obedient servants,
The officers of FBMM

FBMM official site. We are a 501-c3 nonprofit organization promoting pre-1840s Mountain Man era activities, skills training, blackpowder, primitive archery, and Easter Rendezvous information. See you at Buck skinner Day and Easter Rendezvous!