Come join us and you will always have a seat at our fire.

We have three levels of membership:


Sustaining membership  -

$15.00 plus  $5.00 for each full month until April 14,  2017


Voting membership -

 In order to provide initial funding and afford voting rights to established buck skinners, a donation of the sum of $200.00 per address will afford the opportunity of all persons 18 years and older to be voted into voting  membership status. The individual will be  credited with dues paid until the Friday  before Easter, March 30, 2018. 


 Lifetime sustaining membership -

 The Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men are pleased to offer the opportunity to become a lifetime member to any and all interested. Your lifetime membership is a testament to your belief in the ideals and vision of the Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men as set forth in our mission statement. Your status as a lifetime member sets you apart as a leader in keeping the skills and knowledge of yesteryear alive

Your financial support opens numerous  opportunities for expanding the world of  buck skinning. Many people, both young  and old, want to learn the skills and ideals of our fore fathers and have a place to do just  that with the premier buck skinning  organization, the Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men.

Your donation of $1,000.00 provides you with a lifetime membership and will guarantee your “place by the fire”,  give you access to all the seminars and demonstrations posted on our website, with our insurance at all our events, allow you to shoot black powder guns and primitive archery at all our events with no additional fees. You may become a voting member through activity if you desire. 

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