Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men is a premier buck skinning organization with a full spectrum of members ranging from seasoned historical re-enactors to passionate individuals taking their first steps on their path into the wilderness. Members of FBMM enjoy mentoring and skills based instruction from aboriginal Stone Age survival through the history of the fur trade with hands on, confidence building activities. All members are considered a valuable asset whose ideas are respected while their efforts are appreciated.

If this sounds like an opportunity for you to express your passion with like-minded friends then come join us. There is power and opportunity in our numbers and we can do things together that would at best be difficult as an individual. As a member you will be covered by our insurance as we shoot black powder and primitive archery or participate in any other of our numerous activities. Sharing your own experience and knowledge is not only appreciated but expected as we all make new members feel welcome and supported.

Fort Buenaventura is a unique historical site that offers us a place to gather, learn and share as we support the site with volunteerism that ultimately benefits our own organization while educating each other and the public. Members are allowed to post items for sale at no cost on our web site. Whether making moccasins or tanning a hide, you will be able to refer to content of tried and true methods and techniques. You will be surrounded by a buck skinning family of like-minded people that are eager to help and contribute to your goals.

There are too many benefits to list here as a result of belonging to the Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men but none more important than being surrounded by like-minded buck skinners interested in your success with the know how to make it happen. We study, work, laugh, eat, build and volunteer together. Come join us and you will always have a seat at our fire.



FBMM official site. We are a 501-c3 nonprofit organization promoting pre-1840s Mountain Man era activities, skills training, blackpowder, primitive archery, and Easter Rendezvous information. See you at Buck skinner Day and Easter Rendezvous!